SA Single-Use Plastic Ban March 2021

SA Single-Use Plastic Ban March 2021

Little Green Panda supports plastic bans for a sustainable future. Several countries and states are taking action to eliminate single-use plastics and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels–which is unsustainable.

Countless studies are showing that plastic pollution is devastating to marine animals and is polluting the soil faster than it can break down. Single-Use plastic bans are an effective strategy to help us transition faster into a circular economy and into a healthier, more sustainable society.

This is something we, at Little Green Panda, are very passionate about.

From the 1st of March 2021, South Australia will become the first in Australia to enforce this plan to tackle plastic waste. Restaurants and other food businesses will no longer be permitted to use plastic straws, stirrers, and items that contain oxo-degradable plastic or organic polymers (plant-based polymers such as PLA). If they do, they could face a AUD $23,000 fine.

Although plant-based polymers, otherwise known as "bio-plastics", are a better kind of plastic for the environment, they are only commercially compostable. Due to the lack of infrastructure to properly dispose of bio-plastics, South Australia have banned any type of polymerisation such as polylactic acid (PLA), which we fully support.

Our one of a kind, patent pending PLA-FREE sugar cane straws are available for supply and distribution in South Australia as they are 100% home compostable certified and are:

  • free from fossil fuel- derived as well as plant- based plastic or bioplastic
  • free from any plant-based plastics (PLA etc)

Please be aware that you can find replicates of our sugarcane straws that have PLA as their binding agent. This makes those straws only commercially compostable and are a prohibited item in South Australia.

Click here to read the prohibited plastic products under South Australia's single-use legislation.


Can Little Green Panda continue to supply plant-based straws in other states?

We support bans on single-use plastics and on bioplastics that are only industrially compostable. (Due to the lack of infrastructure available in Australia for these items to properly break down.)

While certified compostable plastic products can break down in industrial, they can cause litter, pollution and harm to wildlife, including marine life, in the same way as conventional, fossil fuel-derived plastic products when not composted.

Home compostable bioplastics — made from plants and not petroleum — are an amazing and innovative substitute! Our plant-based straws can be digested by naturally occurring microorganisms. They biodegrade in the sense that they do not leave permanent micro-plastics behind and are even ocean-friendly. Therefore, we can continue to supply our plant-based straws across the states.

The ban on plastic straws and cutlery will go into effect next month, if you are after an alternative compostable straw that complies with the new legislation and isn't made of paper, please contact us here! We'd be delighted to help your venue make the switch.