Speakeasy Groups - Secret Sustainability Sauce

Speakeasy Groups - Secret Sustainability Sauce

It’s no secret that we are passionate about helping the environment, so when we meet like minded businesses, we get a little excited, and start asking lots of probing questions.

Thankfully most sustainability enthusiasts like talking about it as much as we do. We recently got down and earthy, with Dee Allen the Head of Sustainability at Speakeasy Group.

No food is left wasted at the Speakeasy Group, they make syrups with avocado pips and used lemon peel, and share leftover food between the different venues.

It’s been almost a year since the Speakeasy Group started their sustainability journey, and there have been some unexpected benefits beyond saving the planet.

‘We approached our local coffee shop and asked them for their leftover milk which we use for some of our cocktails and desserts, in a city where life is transient it’s nice to get to know neighbouring businesses and feel a sense of community’

Introducing sustainability initiatives is not without its challenges, Dee said she felt intimidated at the beginning and spent much time researching, testing and learning. Thankfully new and free resources are popping up to help businesses take steps to be more sustainable.

“The green feet program, by Stone and Wood, a B Corp beer company provides a simple step by step process. Having access to stuff like that is super motivating, it’s so helpful to have a process to follow”

Speakeasy’s approach to sustainability looks beyond just their business, but also to their suppliers.

“It’s hard to go back and challenge suppliers who you’ve been working with for years. We asked them to tell us about their environmental footprint, and challenged them to reduce their packaging’

“The feedback we had from suppliers was somewhat exciting and unexpected. For example our deep fat fryer oil company, turns fat into biofuel, and use solar and monitor carbon emissions”

Are you or someone you know doing something new and exciting to save our planet? Get in touch! We would love to hear from you.