The Sustainable Home Guide

The Sustainable Home Guide

If the Corona Virus has taught us anything, it's that when presented with an urgent situation the world responds quickly.

So here we are in 2020, with our natural resources depleting, species going extinct, extreme weather and experts predicting we have 20 years to fix the planet before we cause irreversible damage. This threat to humanity is arguably even more threatening.

Yet when faced with these overwhelming problems we can feel helpless, but actually the fact we each have the power to turn this around is thrilling.

Already we have achieved so much, through conservation some species of fish who were almost extinct are now thriving, 50% of the UK's energy is from clean power and Costa Rica is 100% clean.

They say it's the eternal optimists who will save this world. The fact you have read this far shows you want to play a part in helping our future.

Once you've made a change listed in our e-book, we'd love to hear all about it! Send us a picture on Instagram and tag @littlegreenpanda_ telling us the changes you've made in your home! We'll pick three winners who will receive a set of our straws. 

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