FAQ - The Wheat Straw

The Wheat Straws

Are they gluten-free?

Yes. The wheat drinking straws are gluten-free. They have been tested and 'no gluten was detected.' Our products are made from the leftover straw after the grain is harvested, not the grain itself -- which is where the protein and the gluten are.

Do they go soggy like paper?

No! No sogginess in sight. Everyone hates paper straws as it is a race against time to finish your drink before the straw gets soggy. Our wheat straws have a naturally waterproof layer which means they are soggy free and stay rigid.

Are they eco-friendly?

Yes, they are compostable and 100% natural! They will break down; simply put them in the compost bin and they will start nourishing the soil from which it came from.

How are they made?

Our straws are the byproduct of wheat production. Once the wheat reaches its maturity, the top of the plant is used to make grain and the stems are used for animal bedding -- and in our case, drinking straws!

How are they cleaned?

The wheat straws are washed in boiling sterilised water three times, before being air dried and packed in recyclable cardboard boxes.
The straws are FDA certified - which means they have been tested to be food safe.
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