What Makes Little Green Panda's Packaging So Unique?

What Makes Little Green Panda's Packaging So Unique?

Hello fellow sustainability sipper! Curious about our sustainable range? We see you checking us out 😉  

Perhaps you’re wondering what makes Little Green Panda packaging so unique? Are they all they say they are? Why buy these products over another brand?

There are so many different options out there, and unfortunately there’s also a lot of ‘greenwashed’ information leading to confusion over which products are legitimate. 

Here at Little Green Panda, we’re on a mission to reduce the damaging impact of single-use plastics. We know we can’t turn off the plastic tap overnight however we can turn to nature and our advanced technology to create straws that disappear in a few weeks instead of a few centuries. 

When you purchase our products you can be confident they are:

100% compostable and biodegradable - no greenwashing

Little Green Panda's range is certified 100% home compostable. Our products will break down naturally in the environment within 12 weeks.

Unfortunately, some other brands on the market are not actually as sustainable as they claim (greenwashed). Watch out for asterisks on “100% compostable or biodegradable*”. It’s likely the fine print will show “when disposed of in a commercially compostable facility”, meaning the product is not naturally compostable / biodegradable. 



Water-resistant for 24 hours (straws)

No one likes a soggy straw! If you’ve experienced the sog-issue with paper straws, you might be worried that other non-plastic straws will have the same issue. 

Good news! Our sugarcane straws won’t go soggy halfway through your drink. 

In fact, they can last up to 4 drinks without going soggy! That’s 1 straw per happy customer instead of 4 paper straws per frustrated customer - save money, and impress your customers.

Free from bioplastics (and PLA free)

All our products are PLA free and certified home compostable.

Then, simply dispose of your straw in your home compost or regular bins - it will break down naturally in just 12 weeks (just like a piece of fruit).

Ethically made

Your purchase supports local communities in need of a second source of income. We buy leftover agricultural waste that farmers no longer use, and convert it into sustainable straws. 

Taste free

Our products are tested for taste and we are happy to say they are taste free.

Packaged without plastic

Our products are packaged in recyclable plastic-free packaging.


Little Green Panda hold the following certifications:

  • AS 5810 (home compostable Australian Standard)
  • AS 4712 (commercially compostable Australian Standard)
  • FDA certified
  • DinCerto & BPI Certified 100% commercially compostable and biodegradable.


Where to from here?

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