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"Little Green Panda has helped my business switch from plastic straws to wheat straws and my customers love it. They are great to use, cost effective, and good for the environment. Could not recommend enough!"

James C., Melbourne, Australia

"I love these straws! The cute little pouch makes throwing them in my bag easy and clean, and the cleaning tool makes keeping them fresh a snap! They’re super pretty, and everyone always asks me about them when I pull them out at coffee shops and restaurants. They make going green easy, affordable, and chic!"

Kelly J., Omaha, USA

“I love Little Green Panda’s bamboo straws because they are great quality and I feel good when I use them. I love supporting great brands that are working to make a difference and be eco-friendly!”

Nicole H., Indianapolis USA

I love these straws. I love bamboo, as a renewable resource, and these bamboo straws are versatile and practical! I don’t usually use straws but I have a Panda straw on me at any moment... just to strike the convo with anyone that hasn’t made the switch from single use plastic! Everyone seems to love them and it makes me fell good knowing I’m making a difference just from using your glorious, eco friendly product!!!

Ashley D., Nashville, USA


"Wheat straws to replace paper and plastic ones?! GENIOUS!! My customers are so impressed and it's great knowing that each straw used is protecting our shores and oceans. "

Katie P. Adelaide AUS


Ending the plastic crisis starts with you