We're taking drinking straws
back to their grass roots.

Drinking Straws Made From Plants

It’s simple, really. Nature makes lots of things which are functional and beautiful, but they were forgotten with the invention of synthetic materials. We're just bringing back natures original straws, which are hand harvested by our farmers. No pesticides, no processing, no nasties. Simple, the way nature intended.

What makes our straws sustainable?

Switch your business to plant-based straws!

- Best prices on the market 

- Soggy-free

- 100% compostable


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Love the straws, love that we’ve gone back to using the original material - straw, love that they don’t go soggy while in your drink, but will break down in your compost!

Parissa R. Melbourne, AUS

I love Little Green Panda’s bamboo straws because they are great quality and I feel good when I use them. I love supporting great brands that are working to make a difference and be eco-friendly!

Nicole H., Indianapolis USA

Wheat straws to replace paper and plastic ones?! GENIUS!! My customers are so impressed and it's great knowing that each straw used is protecting our shores and oceans.

Katie P. Adelaide AUS
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