The Story Behind Little Green Panda

The Story Behind Little Green Panda

Little Green Panda officially launched in August 2018. Here’s a look back on how it all began!

Our Founder, Manon was on a mission to solve the guilty sipping epidemic with reusable bamboo straws (way before they became trendy!).

What started as a hobby, quickly escalated as the ban on single-use plastics took place. Hospitality venues were in a desperate need of a plastic-free straw.

As a fashion designer, Manon never let “that’s how it’s always been done” get in the way with what could be. She discovered a viable, sustainable solution that was used way before synthetic materials were even a thing! She went back, dug deep (literally, into the ground) and brought back to the surface a range of 100% plant-based straws. Just one of Mother Nature’s many, many gifts.

The best part? She still works with the same artisans from her fashion designer days who hand-make straw hats and bags. And, in our case, our straws! Together, they’ve grown their businesses alongside each other. Not only are they passionate about making the world a cleaner place, but these talented artisans are now able to provide a second source of income to their families.

Click here to see where our straws come from.

Check out Manon’s short vlog of her first visit to the farms by clicking here.

February 2019 - our very first batch arrived!

Since then, we have supplied to over a thousand forward-thinking organisations across the globe!

From our 1 bedroom apartment/ office, we upgraded to a proper warehousing facility. We've since packed countless orders and loved every single moment!

January 2021 - Driving a big change for a small product


Thanks to you, our team grew from 1 to 3 with Loris Campanile (on the right) and Darine Djendoubi (one the left). We’ve been able to keep over 5 million plastic straws out of landfills and oceans!! Every straw sold not only protects our planet but also supports our farmers and female artisans that are passionate to make the world a better place.

Thank you!

Manon and the LGP team xx