Welcome To Our Farms

Curious to see where our bamboo straws come from?


Our bamboo farms are located in Vietnam. Well suited to the seasonal rainfall and humid climate, it is the ideal location for growing bamboo.  We use organic bamboo in the most sustainable way possible, where it grows plentifully on the hillsides of the local communally-used land.

Free from all chemicals, the bamboo we use is grown wild and harvested naturally, and no use of harmful fertilisers or pesticides is applied -- in order to avoid unwelcome elements entering the ground and infecting the water.

We have personally overseen the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring that the bamboo is growing healthily. We also make sure that only the stems from the bamboo are being used and not the whole stalk itself. Selective harvesting of small bamboo stalks guarantees the continued plantation and provides regular income for our local workers.

Working closely with the farm, we are proud to collaborate with such passionate colleagues and feel a sense of pride in what we do. Our values and mission are the main driving force behind our everyday actions, from the supply chain upwards. 

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We source our wheat straws from the largest producers of wheat in the world: local farmers in South East Asia.

Our straws are the byproduct of wheat production. No additional cropland is required as the farmers grow rye and wheat for the food industry. Once the wheat plant reaches maturity and turns golden yellow, the grain goes into food production. T

he stalks are hand-harvested and sorted before being cut and made into hay for animal fodder and, in our case, straws. They go through a rinsing process to remove any specks of dirt. Once soaked and cleaned three times with sterilised water, they are then air-dried in the sun.

After being inspected for quality, they get hand-packed into our cardboard boxes, adding the final plastic-free packaging touch.

They are the most premium,"A Grade" straw on the market; 100% biodegradable and sturdy. They are a completely natural alternative to plastic straws.


Non-digestible, this makes them completely safe for people who are celiac or gluten intolerant.

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